The Different Types Of Personal Services

It’s been a few years now that the concept of home care has become more widespread throughout France. This option allows the elderly to stay as long as possible in their homes in order to avoid or delay the transfer to a retirement home or to any other specialized establishment dedicated to seniors. For many concerned, this option is more pleasant to consider, because it does not involve any sudden change. It is for this reason that many aids and services have developed around the idea of ​​keeping elderly people at home.

Support for autonomy: maintain human contact

At an advanced age, there may be a progressive loss of autonomy that prevents some seniors from moving, washing, or even getting dressed. It is quite possible to hire a person who can help seniors with all these everyday gestures. His role can also be specific and concern specific tasks, helping the senior to get up or even take a bath if his personal autonomy does not allow it.

Help with household chores: to maintain your home.

Some chores quickly become very painful for seniors over time, such as washing clothes, dishes, or cleaning. It is for these reasons that there is a housekeeper who allows seniors to delegate all these chores to home help who will come to take care of them to ensure that the elderly person can continue to evolve in a where hygiene is respected. Help with household chores is essential if the elderly person suffers from reduced autonomy.

Help with meals: continue to eat healthily

With age, cooking for yourself becomes a luxury, but you should not give up on the idea of ​​eating healthy. The meal assistance service includes a meal delivery service with a home delivery system because even if you can give up the pleasure of cooking, it is important to continue to have fun while eating. This aid, as with all other human aids, also promotes the maintenance of human contact so as not to isolate the senior concerned.

Some companies offer all of these services. Convenient when the elderly person needs several different aids: no need to go through several companies.