Five Trends That Will Transform Home Delivery In 2020

The food delivery industry continues to grow at a rapid rate, and it does not appear to be slowing soon. Digital orders to restaurants have grown 23% per year since 2013, and their volume is expected to triple by 2020. As the industry evolves, new players are taking their piece of the pie, while new technologies are taking the demand for this culture to another level.

Home Delivery2

Stores Are Getting Into Action.

Restaurants aren’t the only ones taking advantage of the potential of home delivery. Grocery stores, including large supermarket chains, are also entering the market.

Home grocery deliveries are just part of the overall trend for retail food sales to offer more convenient food options, including takeaways, ready meals, and meal kits that are competing with restaurants that deliver food for your money. A competitiveness challenge for grocery stores is that supermarkets are not adapted for home delivery due to high selection and transportation costs.

More Home Delivery Options Than Ever

All shoppers are looking for the same thing – on-time, accurate and personalized delivery, with all the options that have been created with the rise of the demand culture, letting customers buy their food how and when they choose is becoming the new normal. For groceries, standard options include picking up at the store, picking up at the entrance as well as dispatching to your preferred location.

By 2020, customers are expected to be able to start receiving same-day deliveries and even order “chilled” orders, where supermarkets ship food directly to the customer’s refrigerator. Meanwhile, home ordering will go beyond applications to allow ordering through virtual assistants, tweets, from the car, and the smart TV. Add delivery robot and drone development, and the future of home delivery looks a lot like science fiction!

Food Companies Are Running It On Their Own

While in the beginning, most of the restaurants that go into the home delivery business are associated with courier services, many have found that these have disadvantages. Because couriers work independently and only partially depend on the restaurant, restaurants have limited control over courier-related complaints and delivery times

Food Companies Are Running It On Their Own

Offering home delivery services involves having staff to handle specific home ordering tasks and learning how to work with solutions. Grocery store staff will need to be trained in e-commerce, sorting, and packaging, and be prepared to acquire new skills to adapt to a changing industry. Another trend that was in fashion in 2019 and will continue to be in 2020 are hidden kitchens.

Home Delivery Is Greener

Today’s customers are more aware of the environment than before and expect more environmentally friendly options and even waste-free options. The home delivery business, traditionally a strong packaging player, is being pressured to change its game.

How To Set Up A Home Service Company

The current pace of life makes it difficult to combine our professional life with a personal one. Sometimes solving a small breakdown at home, buying time to shop, or simply being able to do household chores becomes an impossible mission. In these domestic needs, many entrepreneurs have found their business opportunity: to be able to offer the client by means of a phone call, a babysitter for children, the rental of their favorite movies, or pet food. They are the so-called teleservices companies, which are distinguished, not by the items they offer, but by the way they work. These businesses allow customers to receive a certain service or product at their own address, without leaving home, and only by calling by phone.

 A well-known commercial maxim says that the client is always right; he is the boss. Therefore, after seeing what we want to offer, it is essential to study the reception that this teleservice will have. Before launching, you must study the feasibility of the idea, and, for this, you must take into account the following points:

House Painters Spokane recommends you study the existing competition. This analysis reveals the weaknesses and strengths of those who already do a similar job. Within this study, there are two fundamental points: not to lose sight of the already established companies that offer home delivery service as an added value, on the one hand, and, on the other, to know the projects that have failed to develop this activity so as not to stumble on the same stone.

Advertise your business. You must announce a new product that people know it. Maintenance campaigns are important. When the service is original, the media are the ones that make it known, making information about that business.

Gain the trust of users. The initial number of orders is usually minimal, as no one lets strangers into your home. It is advisable to make promotions so that people are interested.

Many initiatives that have opted for this business model have failed. The hit list is almost as long as the hit list. Analyzing these cases, these are their common points and those that you should avoid so that your ‘teleservice’ achieves success:

  1. Seek innovation by the system. In the field of home service, you have to innovate without dying in the attempt and not let yourself be carried away by intuition alone.
  2. Compete with established firms. Sometimes home service companies are created that offer item that already large chain stores offer you without having to leave home.
  3. In the food and health sectors, it is difficult to enter. There are products in which the customer demands maximum confidence and is reluctant to buy remotely.
  4. Obviate that the internet is a basic tool. These services should not forget that the internet is an economical advertising medium and that it will increase your customers.
  5. The food delivery service is saturated. After Telepizza, hospitality has been the sector most likely to create teleservices. But few companies have found the perfect recipe, failing some that sought to innovate.

The Different Types Of Personal Services

It’s been a few years now that the concept of home care has become more widespread throughout France. This option allows the elderly to stay as long as possible in their homes in order to avoid or delay the transfer to a retirement home or to any other specialized establishment dedicated to seniors. For many concerned, this option is more pleasant to consider, because it does not involve any sudden change. It is for this reason that many aids and services have developed around the idea of ​​keeping elderly people at home.

Support for autonomy: maintain human contact

At an advanced age, there may be a progressive loss of autonomy that prevents some seniors from moving, washing, or even getting dressed. It is quite possible to hire a person who can help seniors with all these everyday gestures. His role can also be specific and concern specific tasks, helping the senior to get up or even take a bath if his personal autonomy does not allow it.

Help with household chores: to maintain your home.

Some chores quickly become very painful for seniors over time, such as washing clothes, dishes, or cleaning. It is for these reasons that there is a housekeeper who allows seniors to delegate all these chores to home help who will come to take care of them to ensure that the elderly person can continue to evolve in a where hygiene is respected. Help with household chores is essential if the elderly person suffers from reduced autonomy.

Help with meals: continue to eat healthily

With age, cooking for yourself becomes a luxury, but you should not give up on the idea of ​​eating healthy. The meal assistance service includes a meal delivery service with a home delivery system because even if you can give up the pleasure of cooking, it is important to continue to have fun while eating. This aid, as with all other human aids, also promotes the maintenance of human contact so as not to isolate the senior concerned.

Some companies offer all of these services. Convenient when the elderly person needs several different aids: no need to go through several companies.